Queens Hood Cleaning Pros

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Kitchen vents hoods are essential components to any restaurant because they're used to clean the air of contaminants and remove smoke and greasy residue from the room while the staff is present.  We recommend regular exaust hood cleaning and maintenance to prevent the build up or accumulation of grease becasue it can cause fires.  Proper nyc hood cleaning ensures a safe staff and the safety of your patrons.  The damage that could occur if a fire began is immeasurable and would put most companies out of business permanently.  Our hood cleaners start by providing a free, detailed estimate after taking a brief walkthrough of your commercial kitchen.  This includes an inspection of the hood system, vents, filters, ducts, grease trap, and more.  We check for any issues, overally cleanliness, and a number of other factors that our ex-health inspector employees tell us to.  Our NYC hood cleaning team will ensure that your restaurant complies with all local, state, and federal regulations.  Click here for more hood cleaning information.