- A Pro Bono Speakers Bureau

(312) 585-7677 is a pro bono speaker’s bureau for Milwaukee and the surrounding area. All speakers give free presentations. This means there is no charge, no honorarium, no mileage costs. This service is 100% FREE to groups needing speakers. is the solution for Chambers of Commerce, libraries, Rotary and Kiwanis groups, clubs, retirement communities, churches, etc., who need and want speakers for their programs but who have limited (or no) budgets.

Speakers pay a modest annual fee to be members of What’s in it for them? Certainly not money. They want to teach others, tell of a personal mission and/or be better known in the community. The bennie for all speakers is that getting out in the community and in front of audiences can lead to new clients, new friends and new experiences.

To become a speaker visit: