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We install poured rubber flooring throughout the USA. Also known as wet pour rubber flooring, it’s often used for playgrounds, but it can also be used as a safety surface in other environments. For example, poured-in-place rubber flooring can be used for pool decks, patios, dog parks, exercise facilities, senior centers, walkways, children’s museums, garage floors, and other indoor (or outdoor) areas where a cushioned, durable floor is needed. It’s a quality alternative to wood mulch or rubber mulch (made from shredded tires).

Poured rubber flooring can replace existing surfacing or be used during construction (when the surface is being built).

Before pouring the rubber surface, it’s necessary to determine how deep the surface should be. Once we calculate that information, we make sure that you have a solid and level foundation for the poured rubber flooring. Poured in place rubber surfacing can be installed on top of a crushed stone base, concrete, or asphalt. If it’s an outdoor floor, it’s important that the pitch of the foundation is just right so that water runs off and doesn’t form puddles when it rains or snows. Our experienced team can excavate and add a properly-pitched crushed stone base to allow for water runoff.

For the rubber surfacing itself, your color choices are virtually endless. We only use premium rubber made from things like EPDM, SBR, and Naturals.

The surface provides a comfortable, soft cushion to walk on and, when installed properly, is compliant with ADA Standards for handicap accessible areas.

We also repair existing poured rubber services.

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